Leading Role

2020–2023 Contexts of extremism in MENA and Balkan societies – CONNEKT. [Horizon 2020 – Research and innovative action on drivers and contexts of violent extremism in the broader MENA region and the Balkans]. Role: member of the executive committee, project coordinator of work package 4, principal investigator at the University of Sarajevo..

2021–2023 Comparative study of local democracy in Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. [Study of democracy and electoral systems at the local level funded by the FBiH Ministry of Education and Science]. Role: grant-holder and principal investigator.

2018 Alternatives to Consociationalism? Managing Group Conflict Through Power-Sharing Within Political Parties. [Comparative research in Singapore and Malaysia funded by the Open Society Foundations (OSF)]. Role: grant-holder and principal investigator.

2015–2016 Governing the Floods. [Research project on institutional responses to crisis. Funded through the Regional Research Promotion Programme (RRPP) by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and University of Fribourg]. Role: grant-holder and principal investigator.

2014–2016 Balkan Electoral Comparative Study. [Research project on electoral systems in the Balkans with the University of Belgrade, CeMI Podgorica, KIPRED Pristina and researchers from BiH. Funded through RRPP by SDC and University of Fribourg]. Role: co-applicant and researcher for BiH.

Participating Role

2021–2025 Intergovernmental Coordination from Local to European Governance [COST Action CA20123]. Role: Management Committee member (BiH).

2019–2023 European Non-Territorial Autonomy Network [COST Action CA18114]. Role: Management Committee member (BiH).

2018–2022 Constitution-making and deliberative democracy [COST Action CA17135]. Role: Management Committee member (BiH).

2018–2021 Active citizenship: promoting and advancing innovative democratic practices in the Western Balkans. [Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Activities network project led by the University of Belgrade, with University of Graz, University of Turin, University of Skopje]. Role: University of Sarajevo team member and researcher for BiH.

2016–2020 Professionalization and Social Impact of European Political Science [COST Action CA15207]. Role: Management Committee member (BiH).

2017–2018 Youth Studies Southeast Europe. [A region-wide study on attitudes and expectations of youth in the region funded by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung]. Role: researcher for BiH and author of two chapters on politics and on trust and values.

2011–2016 Justice and Security Research Programme. [Research consortium led by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and funded by DFID-UK]. Role: associate researcher for Uganda.

2014–2015 Mladi u BiH (Youth Study BiH). [The BiH chapter—led by the University of Sarajevo—of a comparative research project of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung focusing on Eastern Europe]. Role: country researcher for BiH.

2012–2013 Ethnic Quotas and Representation of Minorities in Local Politics in Bosnia and Herzegovina. [Research project of the University of Zurich, Zentrum für Demokratie Aarau, and Analitika Sarajevo. Funded through SCOPES by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF)]. Role: associate researcher.

2010–2012 Exiting conflict: Building legitimate outcomes in international peace operations. [Research project of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and LSE]. Role: researcher in BiH. <LINK-PDF>