Youth Study Bosnia and Herzegovina 2018/2019

Authors: Lejla Turčilo, Amer Osmić, Damir Kapidžić, Sanela Šadić, Jusuf Žiga & Anida Dudić
Year: 2019
Title: Youth Study Bosnia and Herzegovina 2018/2019
Publisher: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Sarajevo
ISBN: 978-3-96250-289-8
Date published online: April 2019


Book Description:
Youth Study 2018 is an empirical study on young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which provides analytical insight into perceptions, attitudes and values of youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina regarding some key issues in BiH’s changing society.


Suggested citation:

Turčilo, L., Osmić, A., Kapidžić, D., Šadić, S., Žiga, J. & Dudić, A. 2019. Youth Study Bosnia and Herzegovina: 2018/2019. Berlin: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung.